Certified Rolfer® in Medford, Oregon since 2013!

As a certified Rolfer® I utilize a specialized form of bodywork that focuses on manipulating the body’s fascia to restore balance, alignment, and flexibility. Through skillful hands-on techniques, we can address postural imbalances, reduce pain, and enhance your body’s natural ability to move with ease. Experience the transformative effects of Rolfing and discover a renewed sense of freedom in your body.  Learn more about what Rolfing® is, the benefits of Rolfing®, and see examples of Rolfing® administered at the Body Right Studio in Medford, Oregon.  I was Certified by the Ida Rolf Institute® in March of 2013.

My first appointment with Kyle was very good. He listens intently to what your issues are and addresses them. He even texted me some specific shoulder exercises and recommend a couple of books after the session. I will be going back!!!
Lillian Koppelman

Was heading out of town and needed a treatment…Kyle kept me on a list for cancellations…he fit me in today..what a relief I can turn my head with increased movement. Shoulders feel like the settled into my frame instead of up and tense. He is the best in his field and total caring, understanding nature! Thanks Kyle!
Bernay Hiett

The Benefits of Rolfing

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