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Kyle is very knowledgeable and kind. He offered education to my teen son. about his muscular and skeletal systems. He helped resolve my son’s source of pain.
Jackie Green

Very Knowledgeable, compassionate and effective!
Anna DeHoog

My first appointment with Kyle was very good. He listens intently to what your issues are and addresses them. He even texted me some specific shoulder exercises and recommend a couple of books after the session. I will be going back!!!
Lillian Koppelman

Was heading out of town and needed a treatment…Kyle kept me on a list for cancellations…he fit me in today..what a relief I can turn my head with increased movement. Shoulders feel like the settled into my frame instead of up and tense. He is the best in his field and total caring, understanding nature! Thanks Kyle!
Bernay Hiett

I had received massage many times but visiting Kyle at Body Right Studio was my first time receiving Rolfing. Kyle was great – professional, easy to talk with, very “checked in” with what my body needed, and clearly very knowledgeable. Kyle’s Rolfing felt really good, and left me feeling limber and relaxed. I will definitely be going back!
Brian Johnson

Kyle Rawlins is professional & very knowledgeable. I have seen him several times for various muscle & joint pains and he always quickly resolves the pain. Highly recommend!
David Veach

Kyle is extremely impressive at what he does. He makes your body function the best it can. He will make you feel better and move around better. I recommend him to everybody I know.
Shawn Green

Kyle is amazing not only as a person but as a Rolfer, he helps me with my personal wellness and his own success shows how committed he is not only to his work but to better every person he touches. Would say I benefit more from a session with him then I have with any massage therapist but they are different things. Plus I love that he appreciates and supports the military by offering a military discount.
Joey Malloy

I have been to many massage therapists and I absolutely LOVE the method and style Kyle uses to release and relax the muscles throughout the entire body!  I have epilepsy so my body is, at times, in all kinds of knots. After my car accident and having seizures Kyle really released the stress and tension my muscles were placing on me. MUST TRY!
Amanda Dickey


I had a big issue with my lower back and leg, much for scientific words for my issue that Kyle knew.I couldn’t believe the pain relief and flexibility I got after one session!! I highly recommend Kyle, he is professional easy going and literally the best at what he does!
Sarah Taylor

I woke up with shoulder pain. I tried living with it for the last 2 weeks. After one visit with Kyle, no pain. Kyle is very knowledgeable. He spent time getting to know me and my lifestyle in order to treat me. I learned so much about prevention. Kyle’s the guy you want as a brother. All around nice guy who cares.
Jodie Apland

Kyle definitely knows his stuff. Not only did he help with the stuff currently affecting me, he gave me great advice to help me over the long run! I will be back again! Thanks Kyle!
Joshua Yoder

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